NURSERY: Directress

Zuryah started her career in teaching by studying 0-3 E.C.D before moving on to Montessori. Zuriyah started working at Nutwood Forest in 2009, and moved across to Sunridge in Table View in 2012.

"What interests me about the Montessori method is that the children have the freedom of choice and as a Montessorian we don’t teach but we direct. Montessori helps the children to become independent and there is structure behind the Montessori method and that is what interested me about the method. It helps each child grow and develop into a strong individual person, and being in the 0-3 class you get to see this happen with the children in the classroom.

Montessori has changed me as a person and  I have grown as a teacher, in being able to understand the children and seeing them develop into independent children, it warms my heart and makes me love being in the classroom. I would love for my journey to continue to grow with Montessori Connect as a true Montessorian.