PRIMARY: Directress - Strelitzia

In 2002 Yumna studied the 3-6 year course early childhood development diploma with Modern Montessori. She completed the course in April 2003 and in June that year started working at Alex Blaikie Montessori as a Directress.  In 2004 she did a Peace Education course with Mercy Montessori.  The following year she completed all the modules of the 6-9 Montessori diploma, again with Mercy Montessori but was unable to complete the exam due to the birth of her daughter. 

She was offered a position at the Children’s Workshop in 2007 and was a 3-6 Directress until May 2011.  She then moved into the 6-9 environment and took over as the Directress.  She is currently doing another 6-9 diploma course with NAMC and will be qualified by the end of October, 2012.

“I firmly believe in the Montessori approach that children need a caring and nurturing environment to allow them to develop to their true potential.  Confidence and love for work and learning – essential and key skills for a good foundation in learning”.