"When I had to go back to work after having Kale my biggest stress was who am I going to trust with my baby. I had a very hard time finding a pre-school that took babies under the age of one. Nutwood forest was the last place on my list and I fell in love with it from the moment I arrived. Unannounced at that. The staff are amazing and the grounds are beautiful, all the class rooms are bright and cheerful just the kind of environment that makes learning fun.
Kale has been at Nutwood for 3 years now and he still looks forward to going to school in the morning and I still have a hard time getting him to leave in the afternoon, which is always a good indicator.  
Thank you to everyone at Nutwood for always being there when we need you."

- Sandy, Andre and Kale, Oct 12


"Nutwood forest has become a home away from home for our daughter and she has shown remarkable social and vocabulary skills."

- Najma Fredericks, Oct 12


"Nutwood has got such great teaching methods that have really helped our son progress and mature into a confident, strong man.  Miss Chipo is so good with the children and is really dedicated to them. Her passion shows through in what she does.  She also has great assistants that help her and teach the children as well.

I am really impressed with the Montessori teaching method and one can definitely see it in our son. It has also taught us a few things about raising our son. Nutwood have regular parent meetings and workshops for parents to attend.

Nutwood really makes you feel welcome no matter what your background is. Everyone is the same no matter what language they speak or where they come from.  The children get to learn about different cultures which are really important in this day and age.

 Nutwood is a place where you feel comfortable to leave your child; knowing he /she will be taken care of by qualified staff members, fed healthy food and are encouraged to learn and grow with their strengths.

 Riley is excited to go to school every single day!!!"

- Wendy Parry, Oct 2012


"Nutwood Forest is a school where you can leave your child without any worries. The children learn and grow with very positive engagement from the teachers and staff. I can see in the new generation a lot more respect for each other and what I love about Nutwood Forest is that they are able to instil that from a very young age. I can hear this in my child’s words echoing back from her day in the class “good job Dadda”.

 I think we all learned from the generations before us that we cannot train our children with behavioural conditioning as it does not create a child with self-worth or good self-esteem. At Nutwood I know that the teachers share a common teaching method and have the holistic growth of each child in mind.


I feel privileged to have her at Nutwood Forest and hope that I should be so lucky picking a primary school as well."

- Heidi Russell, Oct 2012