The Playground

Our Playground at Childrens Workshop is the main feature of playtime, ensuring playtime is a big part of our children’s day.

The Learning Environment

A Montessori learning environment develops exploration, communication and the development of inter-personal skills.

Children's Workshop

The Children’s Montessori Workshop is a Preschool situated in the residential suburb of Claremont, Cape Town, between Belvedere and Selous Roads.


The Children’s Montessori Workshop is a co-educational Nursery & Pre-Primary School, embracing the Montessori Philosophy of education.

A Visual Tour


A introduction to the first Montessori School in Cape town. 

With a beautiful playground and large array of age groups.

The arrangement of our Classrooms

The Nest Class consists of children aged 4 months to 12 months. The adult to child ration is 1:4 in the Nest class.

The Nursery consists of 2 classes, ensuring each child receives the attention they deserve. The adult to child ration is 1:7. These classes are for children from 12 months to 3 years old.

We have 3 Preschool classes, each class has an adult to child ratio of 1:12. The classes consist of children from 3 to 6 years of age, equivalent to a Pre Primary class and Grade R in traditional schooling.



Please download an enrollment form below or request one from the office.



Please download our fees and price list below. You will find our fee breakown as well as aftercare and extra mural pricing.

Book a Tour

We encourage all potential parents and learners come and visit the school during the work cycle. These tours take place on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s between 08h00 and 12h00. Please email:

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Parents Handbook

Please download our extensive parents handbook

Contact us

Phone: 072 449 2724  | Cell: 072 957 2271 

Nicole Borwick (Administrator)

Physical Address: 128 Belvedere Road Claremont 7700
Note: Entrance on Selous Road
Postal Address: 128 Belvedere Road Claremont 7700
(See map below)

Reviews from Parents

“Our little one is so happy at The Children’s Workshop, she enjoys every second of her school day and comes home with lots of happy stories about time spent with her friends. The teachers are wonderful and always available to talk, and the aftercare is such a great offering! I highly recommend this school!” – Nona

Where to find us?

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