PRE & PRIMARY: Principal

After school Sue studied at Cape Technikon, completing her three year diploma in Tourism and Marketing. Then she decided to see some of the world and set off traveling for two years. Back in Cape Town she and her husband worked in the fledgling tourism industry, managing backpacker lodges.  

When her first son was born, her career interests changed and she began researching education. When she discovered the Montessori Method a spark was ignited and she began her 3-6 diploma with Mercy Montessori. She then took up her first Directress position at St Joseph’s College in Rondebosch. 

Wanting to expand her life experiences she and her family moved to Oxford, England where she worked in a number of Montessori schools bringing in a small South African influence. She also spent time in Ireland upgrading a Montessori school before returning to South Africa. 

She filled a temporary position in the Special Needs unit at St Joseph’s College, before taking the Directress position at Pinelands Montessori Pre-school. 

In 2010 she moved to the Children’s Workshop where she worked for a year and a half before being appointed the Principal.

 “Maria Montessori was a truly amazing person, she has created a truly amazing method to educate our children”.