NURSERY: Directress - Butterflies

Shanaaz first became involved in the Montessori environment, when she joined the Children’s Workshop  in January 2005, as the Aftercare Supervisor.

Upon graduating from high school at the end of 1987, Shanaaz enrolled at the Peninsula Technikon studying building surveying and architecture. After 2 years and much heartache in a then male dominant profession, Shanaaz enrolled for and completed her diploma in educare.

Shanaaz worked with children between the ages of 0-6 years at the Sugar and Spice Nursery and Pre-school in Tamboerskloof, where she taught for 11 years as well as occupying the post as vice principal for 3 years. After a 10 month sabbatical, Shanaaz returned to work, this time at The Children's Montessori Workshop.

After working as the Aftercare Supervisor for 6 years, she was offered the Directress post in the Nursery class (Butterflies), and in 2012 she studied for the 0-3 course with MIL. 

Shanaaz nervously looks forward to writing her exams in September 2012.

“Montessori is not just a form of education; it’s a way of life. It acknowledges even the youngest child’s opinion and each has the right to be respected. It allows individuals to develop at their own pace.

It engenders respect for all forms of life; it propagates peace and harmony and fosters self-discipline.

All traits that are core to who I am as a human being”.