EXTRA MURAL: Creative Cooking

Shaida worked in the corporate environment for a number of years.  After her 4th son showed signs of learning, social and speech difficulties, she looked for an environment where he would be able to have more freedom of choice and not be forced to conform to the norm.  It is here that she discovered the Montessori way and after having her 5th son, she decided the corporate environment was not very family orientated and compassionate about her family’s difficulties and decided to stay at home.  The Montessori school her child was at, offered her an administrative position and her love and passion for the Montessori way began.  She qualified in the 0-3 Montessori Course with Montessori Institute of Learning(MIL) in 2008, and became a directress at the Children’s Montessori Workshop in 2009. She is currently doing the 3-6year pre-school course with the same institution. 

"My favourite quote of Maria Montessori's is 'Follow the child'.  Not every child is in the Sensitive Period of the same thing at the same given time. One child will be enthralled by pouring water from one jug to the other whereas another would be drawn to counting or enriching their vocabulary by matching object to picture. The Montessori environment caters for the different interests of each child which is conducive to their particular developmental stage."