PRE-PRIMARY: Directress - Protea

Nazlie has worked in many fields from a controller at a private ambulance company, assistant at a medical doctor’s office and later joined a thriving computer training centre involved in marketing and secretarial work.  At the time she completed an international computer certificate and in 2008 completed her Montessori Diploma.  She started working at the Children’s Workshop in 2009.  She stopped working for a year to look after her son and then re-joined them as an assistant in the Primary Class.  The following year she was offered a post as Directress in the Protea Class.

Her interest in Montessori started when she sent her daughters to the Montessori school and they started reading at an early age i.e. before starting grade one.  At the time she thought children only learned to read when they started in grade one.  She was impressed to see how they developed independence through the work they did in practical life and the grace and courtesy they were taught like folding their tissues into little triangles and blowing their noses.

“I feel that Montessori prepared them for higher learning and everyday life.  It is an honour and privilege to be able to direct the young learners in the classroom and my main objective is to develop a joy for learning in our future leaders”.