Montessori Connect is a pioneering Social Enterprise, managed by the Children's Campaign Trust (CCT).

CCT was founded by David Morgan and Peter Williams in 1998, in order to serve and assist women and children at risk in the greater Cape Town area. This is achieved by supporting the Connect Network financially. The Connect Network is an off-shoot of the Viva Connect UK organisation, and both work with more than a hundred NGOs, assisting them with their Quality Improvement Systems (QIS) and general management.

Africa faces many difficulties and CCT feels that the most significant way to make a difference in this community is through education. Montessori Connect runs a number of Montessori schools with classes ranging from infancy through to adolescence and a portion of their profits goes towards CCT & Connect, thus working effectively in both education and within the communities that need it most.

We are passionate about providing schools that provide a holistic education at an accessible price.  We feel that the Montessori approach offers a wide skill set to deal with these many challenges, as the whole child is nurtured, placing equal value on the physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and social development.

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