The Montessori Connect Children's Workshop offers a loving and safe environment for your child from the age of 12 months to 12 years.


  • The school opens at 7h30 and there is supervised Morning Care until school starts.
  • Classes begin promptly at 8h30.  Parents are encouraged to bring their child to school no later than 8h15.
  • All classes enjoy a mid-morning snack of sandwiches and fruit that the child brings daily.
  • The Montessori programme ends at 12h00 for Nursery. Pre-school children need to be collected by 13h00 at the latest.  Children not collected by 13h00 will have lunch and then transfer to aftercare at the current fee.
  • Children staying for full day receive a hot and nutritious lunch as well as a mid-afternoon snack. All meals are halaal.
  • Aftercare ends promptly at 17h30. 
  • Each class does theme work that changes monthly or termly. Any input and reference material from home is always welcome.
  • The directresses conduct a verbal progress report on each child with their parents in the first and third term. A detailed written report is completed mid-year and at the end of each year.
  • A parent education evening is presented at the beginning of term 1, 2 and 3.  Parents are invited to learn more about Montessori philosophy, the Montessori classroom, the work your child is doing, parenting issues and related topics.
  • Parents are encouraged to involve themselves in all areas of their child’s life at the school.
  • The children go on at least one outing a term and from time to time have special visitors presentations at the school.

SPORT & EXTRA MURALS OFFERED (offered by external teachers and charged termly)

  • Catch It! (a physical activity which develops coordination, ball skills etc.)
  • Swimming (learn to swim lessons in an indoor heated swimming pool)
  • Ballet (fun sessions for both girls and boys)
  • Creative Cooking (focusing on pouring, mixing, measuring and fine/gross motor skills)

We as a staff encourage the total development of each child by modeling an intrinsic love and respect for all life.
We invite you to spend time in a Montessori class, so that you can really understand how powerful the Montessori approach is. 
Dr Maria Montessori believed that the child in the ages 0-6 were like sponges and absorbed everything they saw, touched, heard and felt. She developed material and equipment specifically for each age group but the formative years of 0-6 age are when the Montessori approach is most effective. We advise you to start your child in a Montessori environment at the age of 3 or below, as this early stage of their development is so critical to their future. The assistants in the Montessori environment are teachers in training or have just qualified and are gaining experience in the environment.

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