The Children's Campaign Trust (CCT), as the managing body of Montessori Connect, recognises and prioritises the development of human potential as part of its strategy.

When running an organisation, there is a choice of what to do with the profits generated - generally going to management, investors, shareholders or staff.
David Morgan and Peter Williams, the trustees of CCT, chose to invest in education. Profits are re-invested in the schools, and the remaining surplus is allocated to the organisation of choice - viz  Montessori Outreach Projects in the greater Cape Town area.

Education should be the birthright of all children.  The Montessori method of education can be particularly effective with large groups of mixed-age groups of children and therefore, with a well-trained directress and a well-prepared environment, can make a difference in disadvantaged communities.

The Montessori environment provides the opportunity for the child to:

  • be an independent learner
  • learn through his/her own experience
  • be motivated by his/her successes
  • explore independently and discover the world through the specialised equipment
  • learn from each other


We are involved in mentoring and training staff who will work in outreach schools associated with Montessori Connect.