Nutwood Forest is situated in the cosmopolitan suburb of Green Point, Cape Town.

Nutwood Forest is a co-educational Nursery and PreSchool, embracing the Montessori system of education.

We believe:

  • In the development of the whole child
  • That each child is unique and special
  • That our staff, with parents and the community, provide our learners with a  secure foundation for life-long learning
  • That through our caring and supporting environment, we foster positive values
  • That through our innovative curricula we help all children to develop to their full potential

We as a staff encourage the total development of each child by  modelling an intrinsic love and respect for all life. 

Our school consists of: 

  • 1 Nest class (4months-15months)
  • 2 Nursery classes (12months-3years)  
  • 3 Preschool classes including Grade R  (3-6years) 

The ratio of adult to child varies between the age groups.

  • The Nursery classes have a ratio of 1 to 7.
  • The Preschool classes have a ratio of 1 to 12.



Nutwood Forest Preschool was founded in 1978.  The Children’s Campaign Trust purchased it in 1999.