The Children's Campaign Trust (CCT), as the managing body of Montessori Connect, recognises and prioritises the development of human potential as part of its strategy.

Educated children requires educated adults.

  • The Montessori pedagogy encourages the growth and development of the adult, as a life-long learner.
  • There is a shortage of trained and experienced Montessori educators worldwide.
  • Because education is often financially and geographically challenging, a 'learn as you earn' opportunity opens the doors to students who have the passion and predisposition to work with children, but otherwise do not have the means to achieve this end.
  • Montessori Connect believes in growing its staff and to this end, training and development is core to the organisation.
  • As a part of the Montessori Connect strategy, the opportunity to empower women through education, training and employment at the Montessori Schools became evident.
  • Inhouse and other training available through Montessori Institution of Learning (MIL)

Montessori Connect encourages all of its employees to review and evaluate themselves annually and to develop themselves continuously, and offers them the opportunity to progress through the organisation.

Having many schools across the Cape Town area, makes this a possibility for the individual looking for an organisation willing to invest in their potential.